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He has served as an intelligence specialist, air intelligence officer, air technician detachment air intelligence officer, and senior intelligence officer He has supported the following operations: Team Spirit in Korea; Badge Torch in Thailand; Coronet Oak and Volent Oak in Panama; Provide Promise joint Endeavor, and joint Forge, flying missions into Bosnia-Herzegovina; and Support Hope, flying humsanitarian missions into Rwanda and Zaire.
The Syrian army is now on full alert in Hama military airport as the country's air intelligence officers are sent to the region, the Arabic-language Al-Nashra website said.
Summary: Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) [India], Mar2 (ANI): The Air Intelligence Officers at Visakhapatnam International Airport on Friday seized gold worth over Rs.
Also in 1942, the AAF created a school to train air intelligence officers. Another outgrowth of the attempt to find a systematic approach to target selection was the creation of a data base of potential targets.