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AODAdvanced Optical Disc (blue laser based storage technology)
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AODAlways-On Display (smartphones; Samsung)
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AODArchdiocese of Detroit
AODAttorney of the Day (various organizations)
AODAge of Destruction (gaming)
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AODAnswers on Demand (software)
AODAcousto-Optic Deflector
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AODAmd Overdrive
AODApplication on Demand
AODAdvanced Optical Disc
AODAutomatic Overdrive
AODAbomination of Desolation (biblical term)
AODAerosol Optical Depth
AODAir Operated Diaphragm (used as elastomer or pump)
AODAudience on Demand (software)
AODAngels of Death
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AODAssurance of Discontinuance (various locations)
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AODApplication Object Data (computing)
AODAdministrator on Duty
AODAgony of Defeat
AODAssembly of Dust (band)
AODAbove Ordnance Datum (height relative to the average sea level at Newlyn, Cornwall UK)
AODAlt Om Data (Danish computer magazine)
AODAnime on DVD (Anime web site)
AODAction On Decision (IRS)
AODAdvance on the Docket (legal)
AODOn-Line Diagnostic (US DoD)
AODAcademy of Design
AODAdult Onset Diabetes
AODArt of Dying (band)
AODArmy of Drinkers (Jack Colton forum members)
AODAdministrative Officer of the Day
AODAngle of Departure
AODAvailable on Demand
AODAlive or Dead
AODAngle Open Distance (glaucoma)
AODApplications on Demand (IBM)
AODArterial Occlusive Disease (medical disorder)
AODArt of Drowning (AFI album)
AODAccounting of Disclosures (HIPAA requirement)
AODArt of Defence (strategy games)
AODAdrenalin Od (band)
AODArgon Oxygen Decarbonization
AODAcknowledgement of Debt
AODAtlanto-Occipital Dislocation
AODAs Of Date
AODAir Operations Directive (USAF)
AODAutomatic Opening Device (activates a reserve parachute at a pre-determined altitude)
AODApplied Orthopedic Design (medical device development company)
AODAssays on Demand
AODApprovisionnement Outils Diamants (French: Diamond Tools Supply)
AODAngel Of Disease (band)
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AODAge of Despair
AODArea Oriented Depot
AODArt of Dreaming (book by Carlos Castaneda)
AODAirway Obstructive Disease
AODAlways on Duty
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AODAndrada Olivier Dépannage (French electronics maintenance company)
AODAverage Outage Duration
AODAcquisition Oversight Division (US DoD)
AODArchitecture Overview Diagram
AODAlleged Onset of Disability
AODAdministrative Operations Division
AODArea of Deployment
AODAdult Organizational Development
AODActivity Operations Director
AODAquaondemand (water treatment)
AODAlarme Optique Domotique (French: Optical Detectors Home Automation; security company)
AODAdvance Ordnance Detachment
AODADEOS-II Operational Document
AODAviation Officer of the Day
AODAir Officer of the Day
AODAnalyst on Duty
AODArea Officer of the Day
AODAcoustic-Optics Device
AODAnticipatory Obligation Directive
AODAirspace Operations Demonstration
AODAmerican Oxford Dictionary
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AODAssign Online Diagnostics
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The operational-level guidance on offensive cyberspace is issued through the standard means for joint air operations--the joint air operations directive and the air operations directive--thus ensuring that it receives proper attention from the JFACC and that the requested effects either fulfill or support the overall objectives of the air component.
The JFACC can then fix manning within the air component to have cyber space planners in the proper divisions (and not in special teams) to link the requested targets and effects to JFACC objectives within the joint air operations plan and air operations directive, including cyberspace support from the joint cyberspace center.
The JFACC and other functional component processes can be modified easily to meet these deficits, and in doing so, could provide the basis for eventual ISR unity-of-effort, by using the air operations directive (AOD) format to reach not only component commanders but also ISR organizations and agencies also supporting campaign objectives.
Standardized Air Operations Directive, Air Force Operational Control Training Program (AF OCTP).
Several of these products enable joint-air C2, including a joint air operations plan, an air operations directive, an area air defense plan, ROEs, an air tasking order, and so forth.
Operational planners were not warned of pending requests until it was too late, with joint tactical air strike requests arriving 24 hours after the air operations directive for the ATO period had already been issued, forcing them to rework most of their prior logistics planning in crisis mode.
The strategy plans team develops the joint air and space operations plan and passes it to the strategy guidance team, which issues guidance via the air operations directive and passes it to the targeting effects team.
Any changes to the JFACC's guidance must be reflected in an updated air operations directive which should then be disseminated.
Both the specific information and the source comprise an AIR, each of which is then incorporated into the air operations directive, along with information on reporting procedures.
Only after the belated formation of a strategy division was a form of a joint air operations plan (JAOP) developed and signed off by the CFACC on the 40th day of air operations along with the first air operations directive. Similarly, it was to be another five to 10 days before a guidance, apportionment, and targeting process was established.
To achieve its mission, the UK JFACHQ structure was intended to provide the JFACC with an HQ that could plan air operations from the provision of input to the national military-strategic and operational-level planning processes; the joint air estimate process, through to JAOP development; and, once in-theatre, the development of air operations directives, air tasking orders, and airspace control orders through execution and both combat and operational assessment.
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