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The center's air quality group is working on developing strategies to improve air quality and health in Kuwait by giving recommendations based on the research methodology of government and industrial decision makers on the best ways and means to mitigate the effects of air pollution, air quality control and pollution reduction techniques, she added.
The project is run by the Air Quality Group at the university in collaboration with Cenex, the UK's centre for low carbon and fuel cell technologies.
A recent request for consulting services from a small municipality in central Minnesota led to an ideal learning opportunity for a new member of our indoor air quality group. With an academic background in microbiology, our new staff member was well-versed in mycology (the study of fungi, including yeasts, mold and mushrooms), but had little familiarity with mechanical ventilation systems.
A recent report by the Air Quality Group at Kings College London estimated that the scheme would actually lead to an increase in C[O.sub.2] from the targeted vehicles as many would drive around the charge zone to avoid the 25 [pounds sterling] daffy charge.
Baird, an ASAE member, is a compliance engineer for ExxonMobil in Houston, Texas, and works in the air quality group of the petroleum company.
Members of the Air Quality Group collect the particulate filters and the silica gel cartridges from all 53 stations every other week.
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