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AQMSAerospace Quality Management System (International Aerospace Quality Group)
AQMSAir Quality Monitoring System (China)
AQMSAir Quality Management Strategy
AQMSAir Quality Management Section
AQMSArtificer Quarter Master Sergeant (British Army)
AQMSAppeals Quality Measurement System
AQMSAssistant Quartermaster Sergeant
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The researchers used health and location data gathered in the Nurses' Health Study 2 plus air pollution exposure metrics from the EPA air quality monitoring system to understand a participants' exposure during a particular time window.
The EPA said its air quality monitoring system was showing good air quality in Yilan, Hualien and Taitung in the east and the outlying Penghu island, and fair air quality in northern and central Taiwan, as well as in Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung and Kinmen and Matsu islands.
Michael Krzyzanowsku briefed the participants regarding health effects of air pollution, Air Quality monitoring system and data acquisition, global burden of disease due to air pollution and basics of health risk assessment.
The other group of proposed activities relates to the EU request that requires only one competent authority responsible for standardized calibration of equipment and air quality monitoring system.
2014[22] presented a low-cost wireless sensor network based indoor air quality monitoring system Designed system consist of a micro gas sensor, Arduino board and XBee modules which are capable of measuring six air quality parameters simultaneously.
The complainant who sued former Environment Secretary Gina Lopez for alleged inaction over the air quality monitoring system (AQMS) in place for a decade already has gone after her successor, Secretary Roy Cimatu.
The readings of the air quality monitoring system in the area showed a noticable increase in hydrogen sulfide emission levels during the leakage time and for a short period afterwards.
Recently, the Ministry of Environment and Water had a meeting with managers of all quarries and crushing plants in the emirate to enlighten them about the new air quality monitoring system to curb harmful emissions.
Hawa'ak is an air quality monitoring system that utilises an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, fully developed by QMIC to support real-time monitoring of air quality, weather and climate, and other environmental conditions, allowing users to access this information via multiple channels including mobile delivery, and web portals.
These will be connected to the Air Quality Monitoring system that was installed last year as well as the emergency fire response systems which can be activated to remove smoke from the tunnel in the event of a fire."
An air quality monitoring system tracking VOCs, C[O.sub.2], particle counts and wet-bulb air temperature to ensure that the air quality within the spaces is being maintained.
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