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According to Paul Allen, a senior air quality specialist with San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control, the ozone layer has been depleted an average of three percent globally over the past 20 years, primarily as a result of chloroflourocarbons (cfc's) in aerosol sprays.
An initial public comment period ran through April and generated between 15 and 20 comments, DEQ air quality specialist Brian Finneran said.
With the latest high-ozone day occurring in November last year, the Smokies had bad air in every season, says Jim Renfro, air quality specialist at Great Smoky Mountains, with total numbers of bad air days that rival those of major cities.
Michael Koontz is an air quality specialist in the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA's) Eastern Resource Center in Baltimore, Md.
Water remediation was the topic discussed by air quality specialist Charles Boutall; David Bankston of FEMA's Flood Mitigation Program; Michael Eggman of Certified Restorations; Peter Laks of Michigan Technological University; and Joe Arrigo of Arrigo Restoration.
Jim Renfro, air quality specialist at Great Smokies, laments that although the Park Service is taking steps to control air pollution in the park, the task depends on more than the agency's efforts.
Kathy Daniel is an air quality specialist with the Office of Environment and Planning for the Federal Highway Administration.
Aberdeen City Council, First Bus, the NHS, air quality specialists Ricardos and other groups will have stalls outside Marks and Spencer in the city centre from 10am to 4pm on Thursday in an effort to tackle the problem.
AIR quality specialists have been losing months of data from Bridgend's most polluted street because the little plastic tubes they use to measure the levels of pollution keep disappearing.
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