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ATCOAir Traffic Control Officer
ATCOAssociation of Transport Coordinating Officers (UK)
ATCOAir Tanker/Fixed Wing Coordinator
ATCOAviation Transportation Coordination Office
ATCOAir Taxi and Commercial Operator
ATCOAutomatic Telephone Central Office
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Whereas Air Traffic Control Officers operating from Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) managed a total of 34,234 air traffic movements throughout 2017.
Based on reports issued by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, sector indicators reveal that air traffic control officers are forecasted to navigate and manage more than 600,000 air traffic movements in Dubai's Airspace by 2020.
David Avery, Prospect negotiations officer, said: "The fact of the matter is that air traffic control officers who are employed by Hial are paid 10 % less than other airports in the UK.
The average salary for air traffic control officers in Inverness is PS73,000, while at other Hial airports it is PS58,000.
The Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs) continued to provide air traffic control (ATC) services as usual.
Air traffic control officers are forecast to manage more than 600,000 air traffic movements in Dubai's airspace by 2020.
According to figures released by Dubai Air Navigation Services (DANS), air traffic control officers managed over 500,000 air traffic movements in Dubai's airspace throughout 2017 -- including both civilian and military aircraft.
Ibrahim Ahli, deputy CEO at dans, said: "Our business has been witnessing a continuous rise in the total number of applicants from 900 in 2015, 1100 in 2016, and 1200 in 2017, with the majority of candidates applying for a place on the National Development Program; a unique career development programme that trains UAE nationals to become licensed air traffic control officers (ATCO) and air traffic engineers."
The Guild of Air Traffic Control Officers, which supported Williams, is expected to scrutinise the RAF's handling of the case.
The occurrence lasted six minutes, during which time the Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs) were able to keep direct voice communication with the pilots and provide ATC services at all times.
Military and civilian air traffic controllers have rallied behind Flt Lt Williams while the Guild of Air Traffic Control Officers (GATCO) and droves of supporters have sent him messages of goodwill.
Quintiq, a global leader in supply chain planning and optimization (SCP&O), announced today that the Swiss air navigation service provider (ANSP) skyguide will be using its workforce planning system to schedule air traffic control officers (ATCOs) and air navigation service employees (ANSE).
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