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As you can see, we have to look beyond the separate systems to the overall architecture, and ensure integration not only within and across space, but between air and space. Between space and ground, space and cyberspace, and beyond when we need it.
And just as air and space represents specific domains of Air Force operations, cyberspace represents another domain in the electromagnetic spectrum, providing the associated maneuver space for potential operations.
We're in the business also in this transformational stuff of moving an Air Force--an air and space force--into a much better joint team as we think about fighting the Global War on Terrorism.
Because I think as we look at QDR and I think as we look at BRAC and I think as we look at budgets and I think as we look at all of these things it's useful to cage us back to true north every once in a while and just ask the question, what does an air and space force do?
I think that we will look forward to the time as we see it happening today, that modern day fighters being built today, being delivered today; modern day surface-to-air systems being delivered today, being built today, and challenges to our space connectivity emerge in ways that have to be confronted so that we can do our job as the United States Air Force to command and dominate the global commons of air and space and cyber.
We accomplish all of these extraordinary missions under the air and space expeditionary force concept which lets us organize, train and sustain the total force in a systematic, effective and efficient manner.
We owe it to our predecessors, those that have gone before us, our heroes that have brought the legacy of air and space power to this day.
From the Berlin airlift to the liberation of Afghanistan and Iraq, air and space power has contributed to the security of our citizens and has spread the promise of peace and freedom around the globe.
You've recalled how our joint and coalition air and space forces blanketed the entire region with an umbrella of air dominance, enabling maritime forces and the ground component to operate without fear of attack from the sky.
As airmen, we have been evolving our organizations, concepts of operations, and technology for several decades now--all with the objective of improving our ability to generate overwhelming and strategically compelling effects from air and space. It is our heritage to adapt--to develop skilled airmen, to move technology to warfighting, and to integrate our capabilities and organizations to produce effects on the battlefield that our combatant commanders need.
It is because of this variety and the seamless integration of space into our planning and operations that our armed forces have been and remain as dominant in air and space, as we are on the land and at sea.
I'm also proud of how our team of air and space professionals has come together for this conflict.
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