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The effects of air temperature specifically on CVD morbidity have not been investigated as extensively as the effects on broader outcomes.
The air handling unit serving the studied UFAD system has night time shutdown implemented, therefore, the effect of system scheduling on space temperature stratification was studied as well as the effect of outside air temperature.
The climate zoning of the Qaem Shahr station was primarily done by the long-term (1984-2008) air temperature and precipitation data obtained from the synoptic meteorological station (Table 1) using De Martonne climate classification satisfied by equation (1):
some frames were extracted from the videos pertaining to one of the tested conditions (i.e., DEF temperature 130 [degrees]C, air temperature 25 [degrees]C).
As the transition region of warm temperate zone to subtropical zone, mild and humid climate, ample sunshine, abundant rainfall, four distinct seasons occur in the year with an annual mean air temperature of 14-15AdegC, a frost free period of 216-225 days and a mean annual precipitation of 1000 mm.
The association with air temperature also held true for different types of heart attack, including the most common type, which is caused by the blockage of a major coronary artery, an important blood vessel supplying the heart.
We've measured the temperature differences between the back of the servers and these cable management arms and then between the arms and the back door of the cabinet and found a 10 degree or more difference in air temperature. The heat was being trapped between the cable management arms and the servers.
The lowest morning air temperature between 10 and 15, in the south up to 17 degrees.
Expected air temperature, relative humidity and wind strength are all used to calculate a "feels like" temperature.
Air temperature is expected to fall down to -7--12C during the night time and to -1--6 C during the daytime in Chuy, Talas, and Yssyk-Kul regions.
In a SDAHU, the fresh outdoor air is mixed with the return air from conditioned spaces, then cooled at the cooling coil, and finally distributed through the single duct to all terminal boxes (TBs) in all zones with the same supply air temperature. In conditioned spaces, the TBs modulate the supply airflow to maintain the desired air temperature.