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A/SAssistant Secretary
A/SAux Soins De (French: in care of)
A/SAuthorized Shares (stock market)
A/SAnti-Spoofing (US DoD)
A/SAktieselskab (Danish: Joint Stock Company)
A/SAerospace Corporation
A/SAll Square (golf)
A/SAir to Surface
A/SAuxiliary Steam
A/SAscent Stage
A/SAdvanced Supplementary (education testing level; also seen as AS)
A/SAkcijas Sabiedriba (Latvian: Joint Stock Company)
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Primary function: Air to surface anti-radiation missile.
Primary function: Precision, air to surface, all-weather, television/infrared and/ or GPS-guided, powered missile.
MAR-I having 25 to 30 kilometre range is anti-radiant missile and can be used in air to surface attack on radar tracking installations of enemy.
The upgrades will bring numerous new capabilities, including additional Human-Machine Interface technologies and additions to the aircrafts Air to Surface targeting capability.
Following the achievement of these latest upgrades to the aircraft, the first tranche of enhancements as part of Project CENTURION will continue with the delivery of the Phase 2 Enhancement package, which provides additional Human-Machine Interface and availability improvements, along with the initial integration of the Meteor Beyond Visual Range Air to Air missile and the Storm Shadow stand-off Air to Surface weapon.
Designed for both surface and air launch,LRASM seeks to develop an autonomous, precision-guided anti-ship standoff missile based on the successful Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile Extended Range (JASSM-ER) system.
Latest Paveway IV trials demonstrate enhanced air to surface capabilities for Typhoon.
Whilst working closely with Raytheon UK, we have completed a series of trials culminating in a successful release of Raytheon's Paveway IV precision guided bomb from a Typhoon, demonstrating further enhancement of Typhoon's air to surface role.