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ATCTAir Traffic Control Tower
ATCTActive Thermochemical Tables
ATCTAirport Traffic Control Tower (FAA)
ATCTAdvanced Thermal Chip Technologies (Israel)
ATCTAll Terrain Camera Tracking (Slough, Berkshire, England, UK)
ATCTAir Traffic Control Transponder
ATCTAnalog Toll Connecting Trunk
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The $6.7 million air traffic control tower is expected to be in service in 2011, and construction is set to start immediately, Suffolk said.
AD security head Samdin Lertbutr together with a group of guards entered the air traffic control tower and negotiated with the airport officials.
The unlicensed radio stations jamming of the Ben-Gurion air traffic control tower frequencies reached new levels Wednesday, resulting in the halting of outgoing flights.
Some dull building types were also successfully reworked, such as Zechner & Zechner's boldly sculptural air traffic control tower at Vienna airport (p76) and Pool Architekten's public housing blocks on the edge of Zurich (p88), which aside from being predictably well made, have great spatial variety and generosity.
The youngster also jumped into a fire engine, with sister Katie, 15, and brother Daniel, 10, to hitch a ride across the airfield for a tour of the air traffic control tower.
The TAP Air Portugal Airbus A310, carrying 131 passengers and eight crew from Lisbon, was on its approach to the mid-Atlantic islands when a cockpit alarm and the local air traffic control tower warned the pilot of an imminent collision with a twin-engine Beechcraft crossing its path, officials said.
Tishman has performed a significant amount of work for the JFK 2000 project, including a new air traffic control tower, east parking garage, new roadway systems, an employee child-care center, and retail shops in the International Arrivals Building.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-24 October 2002-Sweden: Arlanda's new air traffic control tower makes staff sick (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Two photographs single out an air traffic control tower and a set of runway lights respectively, implying, in the spirit of the Precisionists, that these built structures are worthy of close scrutiny in their own right.
With this letter of intent, Scandinavian Mountains Airport AB will be built without a traditional air traffic control tower. The airport is located in Rorbacksnas between Salen, Sweden and Trysil, Norway.
AIRPORT bosses have unveiled ambitious plans to transform the former Newcastle air traffic control tower into a PS400,000 observation deck.
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