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It must be combined with a revitalized Air-Sea Battle concept, now called JAM-GC; continued FONOP operations; complete documentation of Beijing's destruction of the environment around island reclamation projects; increased "lawfare" with Vietnam and other South China Sea claimants suing China in international courts; and Washington once and for all making Asia its single most important foreign policy focus.
This concept replaces the Air-Sea Battle framework in the interest of better articulating the Army's role in countering anti-access and area denial threats epitomized by China.
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Also, major allies have concerns that the Pentagon and the administration have been both slow to explain how they might fit into the Air-Sea Battle concept and uncertainty about how best to coordinate efforts to build "partnership capacity" in emerging regional partners.
Officially, the Pentagon does not direct "Air-Sea Battle" against any particular country.
(114) An August 20, 2012, press report stated that the Air-Sea Battle concept prompted Navy officials to make significant shifts in the service's FY2014-FY2018 budget plan, including new investments in ASW, electronic attack and electronic warfare, cyber warfare, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), the P-8A maritime patrol aircraft, and the Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) UAV (a maritime version of the Global Hawk UAV).
Some Air-Sea Battle proponents propose tactical preemptive strikes on missile launchers, radars, command centers, and perhaps also air bases and submarine ports.
Nevertheless, that should not preclude nor has there been a compelling argument(s) to dissuade the USAF from developing the LRS-B and pursuing Air-Sea Battle. These two initiatives were developed after extensive classified DoD and USAF analysis of the concepts, systems, and most importantly, the current and emerging threats worldwide (not just China).
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Air-Sea Battle concept, a set of ideas focused on how the Air Force and Navy can work together to ensure the continued U.S.