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If we consider the use of air-source heat pump units against a traditional chiller plus boiler system for separate production of energy, we obtain a payback time of approximately six years and 10 months.
The novel CCHP uses an air-source heat pump with two-stage compression and economizing.
One common type of air-source heat pump that provides hearing and cooling is known as a "mini-split," so named because it contains a central outdoor unit and one or more indoor units that provide hot or cold air, depending on the season.
GCiS estimates that the total market will reach US $5 billion by 2015, with air-source heat pumps accounting for over half the total revenue generated in the market.
In this study, analysis for possible improvement in the heat pump performance and potential reduction in electricity demand for combining PV/T system with a two-stage variable capacity air-source heat pump at the Sustainable Archetype House has been conducted.
Firstly some energy from the air-source heat pump cycle has to be stored.
Air-source heat pumps could save up to pounds 185 per year for a gas-heated home and as much as pounds 760 a year for an electrically heated home.
Correctly sizing an air-source heat pump to match the heating requirements of your home is extremely important.
Experimental Study Of An Air-Source Heat Pump For Simultaneous Heating And Cooling -- Part 1: Basic Concepts And Performance Verification.
A RURAL community building in Northumberland is to be the first in the region to be heated by an air-source heat pump.
The "Heat Pump Water Heater" button links to our air-source heat pump water heater bulletins and case studies.