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ALFSAirborne Low Frequency Sonar (US Navy)
ALFSAutomated Linux from Scratch
ALFSAlaska Landscape Flux Study
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Lonewolf 710 had just gone through an A-phase maintenance inspection, and our maintainers had installed the airborne low frequency sonar (ALFS) sonar system.
Raytheon reported in a news release that the contract covers the AN/AQX-22 Airborne Low Frequency Sonar, also known as ALFS, which is an undersea sonar technology used to detect submarines for the Navy's MH-60R helicopters.
Navy contract for the AN/AQS-22 Airborne Low Frequency Sonar system, the primary undersea anti-submarine warfare sensor for the U.S.
The first in-flight launch of a sonobuoy from a Romeo was followed by the location of a sub-surface target using the dipping Airborne Low Frequency Sonar (ALFS), while conducting a surface radar sweep using the multi-mode radar (MMR) along with passive electronic-support measures (ESM).
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