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An extension of this protocol has been proposed for multihop topology and has been implemented on 3D airborne network. For achieving higher accuracy in time synchronization, Tri-Message protocol can be replaced with fine grained time synchronization protocols.
In this work, a new variant of TDMA based MAC protocol has been proposed for 3D airborne networks. This protocol has been implemented as a part of protocol stack on hardware platform of 3D airborne network.
For an airborne network of any size, this would lead to an unacceptably high use of satellite bandwidth.
In most cases, an airborne network operating on X-Band will not need to implement Spread Spectrum.
We envision the proliferation of IP-using platforms and advanced applications expanding from Link 16 to a true airborne network. Rather than relying on broadcast, we will be able to address information to the particular platforms that need it.
Anita Latin, commander of the 653d Electronic Systems Group, which oversees the Airborne Network Management Division.
This exercise, which included airborne and ground communication nodes in mobile and ad hoe networks, helps to prove that airborne networks can be used to support tactical information exchange and that dropping DF Raptor into a network architecture 'dramatically improves network performance'.
One was the Weapon System Trade Study, under which Boeing and Raytheon were chosen to look at a variety of moving-target-engagement concepts that would use airborne networks to couple multiple ground-moving-target-indicator sensors to engage targets on the move and to update weapons in flight that were inbound to moving targets.
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