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They watched the red team use sabotage to fight the blue team's airborne regiment.
JK In Canadian narratives, the violence of the Airborne Regiment in Somalia has been excused and replaced by images of traumatized soldiers whose good intentions were rejected.
When the Russians joined NATO in Bosnia-Herzegovina, they contributed an airborne regiment. The regiment was mounted on the cramped, air-droppable BMD tracked armored personnel carrier.
US Captain Jeff Wilbur, a civil affairs officer with the 1st Battalion's 325 Airborne regiment, said US forces were investigating whether the protesters had fired on troops.
At the other extreme, members of the Canadian Airborne Regiment deployed to Somalia in 1993 were later found to have tortured and murdered at least one Somali youth who had tried to in filtrate their camp to steal.
The day following the liberation of Pyongyang, the Air Force conducted the largest airborne drop of the war when 110 Far East Air Force cargo aircraft dropped 2,800 paratroopers from the 187th Airborne Regiment 30 miles north of the capitol to secure the vital crossroads of Sukchon and Sunchon.
"Belgian soldiers go on trial for torture," read the June 23, 1997 Washington Times, telling of how an elite Belgian Army unit in Somalia "roasted a child over an open fire." And the June 25, 1997 Baltimore Sun reported that "two Italian generals resigned in the face of increased evidence that their soldiers tortured Somalian villagers." In March of 1995, the Canadian government disbanded its entire elite Airborne Regiment after evidence of atrocities against Somali teenagers came to light.
Brown is the Edmonton-born paratrooper convicted of man-slaughter and torture in the March 16, 1993, murder of Arone, who was taken prisoner by members of the Canadian Airborne Regiment's 2 Commando during Canadian peacemaking operations in Somalia.
Far from leading the charge in the early days of the Somalia scandal, for example, the committee heaped scorn on those who suggested there were problems in the Airborne Regiment. No wonder DND demanded that defence policy be addressed by this committee, and not by a combined foreign and defence policy committee, during the recent foreign and defence policy reviews.
Former Canadian Airborne Regiment soldier Ronald Smith will finally have his day in court after filing suit in 2001.
Security sources said the Army would reinforce its strategic outpost in Talet al-Hamra with the military's airborne regiment in order to forestall any attacks by the militants.
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