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ABTFAutomotive Business Task Force
ABTFAirborne Task Force
ABTFAnti-Bias Task Force
ABTFAsker Og Bærum Tamilske Forening (Norwegian: Asker And Bærum Tamil Association)
ABTFAbsorber and Breeder Element Test Facility
ABTFAlga Bloom Task Force
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The system employed by the airborne task force is truly complex, so the dizzying multitude of relationships provides for a great sensitivity to initial conditions.
In France, Frederick and his old command were reunited when the FSSF was attached to the 1st Airborne Task Force, and sent to man defenses along the French-Italian border.
"They weren't allowed to go abroad in case they had to be recalled at short notice for the airborne task force."
This was especially true for the 10,000-man 1st Airborne Task Force, a collection of American and British paratroop and glider infantry units patched together just a few weeks before the operation's launch.
The 1st Airborne Task Force at least had the advantage of proven leadership in the person of 37-year-old Major General Robert Frederick.
Once organized on the ground, the 1st Airborne Task Force would go after Le Muy and keep German reinforcements from reaching the beachheads--blocking roads, laying ambushes, and killing any unfortunate Germans they stumbled across.
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