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Crespo suffered recurrent bouts of laryngitis while serving as an electronics technician working on the security systems in hardened aircraft shelters along the flight line at Ramstein Air Base in Germany in January 2000.
Elmendorf also received $16 million for aircraft shelter construction, nearly $2 million for a fire training facility and $4.6 million to replace underground fuel tanks.
In his role as the Tiger Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU) Flight Line Expeditor, he was driving past Hardened Aircraft Shelter (HAS) 26 and observed smoke billowing out of the HAS.
TARGET frames edged towards four sites - a surface-to-air missile base, a radio mast, an aircraft shelter and a hangar housing remote-controlled planes equipped to spray anthrax.
One last check of the Targeting Pod (TGP) shows the cross hairs are dead center on the hardened aircraft shelter doors.
As he steps out of the hardened aircraft shelter, he is greeted by a fierce freezing wind in his face.
"According to a 2014 estimate, the US military had only 207 hardened aircraft shelters across four bases in the Western Pacific, with most located in South Korea - an increase of just 2.5 per cent over the previous 12 years.
Army recently posted a pre-solicitation notice for constructing hardened aircraft shelters in Israel, shortly after Hezbollah's secretary-general threatened to strike rockets anywhere in the Jewish state.
The outpost has long been prepared for air defenses with its 2,700-meter airstrip, radars and aircraft shelters.
Right by the aircraft shelters, you can find a memorial to commemorate 210 people who were shot dead in the wake of "preventive custody" during the 1950-53 Korean War.
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