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ACBGAirframe Control Bearings Group (Society of Automotive Engineers)
ACBGAsh Creek Boer Goats (Azle, Texas)
ACBGAircraft Carrier Battle Group (US DoD)
ACBGAorta-Coronary Bypass Graft (cardiology)
ACBGAutogenous Cancellous Bone Graft
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The US deployed an aircraft carrier battle group and other military forces to the Middle East this week in reponse to what Washington said was an "escalated threat" from Iran.
Indeed, over the years, some studies have found that up to nine aircraft carrier battle groups might be needed against an Iraq-like foe in the absence of reliable bases on land--at least for a spell.
The Clinton administration responded by launching Operation Vigilant Warrior, deploying approximately 50,000 troops--including the 24th Infantry Division, an aircraft carrier battle group, and a few hundred extra combat aircraft--to Kuwait.
NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg expressed concern Thursday that a Russian aircraft carrier battle group could join attacks on Aleppo.
Truman, to the Middle East, leaving a single aircraft carrier battle group in the Persian Gulf as Iran continues its progress toward nuclear capability.
The two sides are also staging a major three-day naval drill in the Yellow Sea involving a US aircraft carrier battle group.
A Chinese aircraft carrier battle group would be seen as a formidable power-projection tool.
THE United States stepped closer to an all-out war with the Taliban last night as a fourth aircraft carrier battle group set out for the region.
aircraft carrier battle group on Monday kicked off a six-day port call in Hong Kong following a military exercise with another carrier in the South China Sea.
Despite all this, Beijing-based naval expert Li Jie said China planned to establish four aircraft carrier battle groups by 2030, with three combat-ready at any given time.
Aircraft carrier battle groups replaced the battleship as the main element of naval strength.
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