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AFLCSAirfield Lighting Control System
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A range of options exist for the MICRO 100 range of CCRs which allow for space-saving and cost-saving measures in the implementation of an airfield lighting control system. The MICRO 100 can be supplied with two separately-isolated CCR units, each up to to KVA in rating inside one enclosure.
Using these sensors, information could be relayed to the Airfield Lighting Control System to switch lights in response to a-specific aircraft position or to sound an alarm to the air traffic controller to warn of a runway incursion.
ADB provided the airfield lighting control system, Cardion provided the radar systems, HITT the software (including the multi-sensor fusion, central data processing system and the human interface for the ground movement traffic controllers), while Siemens AS Oslo was responsible for the installation works.
At Oslo, this role has been taken over by ground radar, where for the first time the airfield lighting control system is linked with the tower to provide air traffic controllers with real time moving display of the taxiway lighting status and the surface movements of all aircraft on the ground.
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