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74BAirplane Hijacking (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
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They include a thriller about an airplane hijacking with Dean Cain, an action movie with John Schneider called "Shark Swarm," a Western about a gunfighter played by Luke Perry, a romantic comedy-drama with Mark Consuelos, a period piece about mail-order brides, and "Second Honeymoon," a drama with Teri Polo and Jason Priestley.
The key to resisting an airplane hijacking lies in gaining time and multiplying obstacles that can delay hijackers who attempt to seize control of aircraft.
And they have pioneered the terrorist arts of airplane hijacking and suicide bombing along the way, while waging an increasingly successful propaganda war against America, Israel, and the West, among Muslims in the Middle East and far beyond it.
His vicious resume included taking more than 1,500 civilians hostage, and leaving 120 of them dead, in the southern Russian town of Budennovsk in 1995; ordering the storming of a Moscow theater, resulting in the death of 129 people, in 2002; and dispatching suicide bombers to blow two Russian airliners out of the sky in 2004 -- to say nothing of the odd airplane hijacking, subway bombing and bloody rampage.
This newest edition is enhanced with the inclusion of information on preparing for biological and chemical warfare, what to do in the event of an airplane hijacking, electrical blackouts, child abduction, and escaping from high-rise buildings in an emergency.
Before that, terrorist attacks were prosecuted under state or federal laws that prohibited certain acts, such as airplane hijacking, destruction of government property, or crime on a military reservation.