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There was a time when catalog cases were necessary to carry around the terminal procedures, en route charts, sectionals and the airport/facility directory. We had to call Flight Service on the 800 number to get Notams, and write them down on paper.
have been charted, and textual descriptions also appear in the Airport/Facility Directory. Excerpts from both, for the Sarasota/Bradenton (Fla.) International Airport, are reproduced at right.
The airport diagram and Airport/Facility Directory will note that ASDE-X is in use.
The Airport/Facility Directory lists some RCOs and if you're not carrying a paper version, there's never been a better time to get a portable reader of some type and carry that and other important information electronically.
This seems to most a mere technicality, but if one reads noise abatement procedures in any Airport/Facility Directory, the distinction becomes clear as noise abatement procedures usually refer to "departing aircraft" and then specify the required noise abatement action.
The dimensions, rules and procedures for these areas are clearly documented in various places, including FAR Part 93, the FAA's Airport/Facility Directory and the respective visual charts.