AISNAbilene Intercollegiate School of Nursing (Texas)
AISNAmerican International School of N'Djamena (Chad)
AISNAmerican Internet Services Network (Inverness, IL)
AISNAmerican International School of Nouakchott (Washington, DC)
AISNAmericas Information Sharing Network
aISNAnterior Intermediate Sensory Neuropile (neurology and zoology)
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IC sub 50 values were generated from the results of four serial dilutions of the active samples tested in duplicate (Tablecurve 2D, AISN Software, USA, 1996).
Some products within the portfolio of Analytics domain include SYSTAT, AISN Data Visualization Software Suite, Sigma Products Suite, iCapella, InventXePM and the recently acquired Cubeware and Dunn Solutions Group.