AIURAir Interface User Rate (telecommunications)
AIURAdjusted Insured Unemployment Rate
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To begin the analysis the relationship between the AIUR and edge angle is examined.
To test whether such a relationship holds for the Ingaladdi scrapers, a Spearmans' Rho rank-order correlation was performed between the AIUR and the median edge angle of each scraper class.
A Spearman's Rho test was conducted to determine whether the percentage of artefacts with step terminated retouch correlates with the AIUR for each class.
As seen in Table 2, a Spearman's Rho test again confirms a significant positive correlation between the AIUR and the median percentage of edges retouched in each scraper class.
A Spearman's Rho test of the association between the AIUR and edge curvature proves significant (Table 2), and indicates that edges become increasingly curved as the average index of unifacial retouch increases.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to meaningfully examine the relationship between weight and the AIUR for the Ingaladdi scrapers.
Figure 5 plots the number of each raw material type in classes arranged from left to right in order of increasing AIUR. It appears from this graph that quartzite scrapers commonly represent the middle to lower end of the reduction spectrum, while chert scrapers mainly comprise the upper end.