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AJAHAmerican Journal of Ancient History
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According to Mr Ajah, who spoke on behalf of STOAN, 'BCC that was contracted to do the regular sweeping of channels and berths, when they do that, they should give the actual figure of depth of the channels and berths, so that when we negotiate with our customers, we can be confident that whatever they (our customers) will get from the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) will tally with what we are telling them.
Lindsey Ajah told of her shock at seeing police raid house on opposite side of street
Stacy Bayton is chief operating officer lor Corporate America Supports You (CASY), one of two nonprofits spawned by the overarching AJAH campaign.
At Bor Civil Hospital where the wounded were taken, Ajah Manyuon, described how she "narrowly" escaped after being surrounded by a group of men armed with guns, machetes, and spears wearing green camouflage uniform similar to that of the South Sudanese army.
Similarly, Ajah (2008) observed continuous increase in the population of A.
Newars (like many other Nepalese) decor their children's eyes with a kind of black paste, ajah and put a black mark on their forehead as a precaution against evil spirits and jealous eye sights.
A second man, Ajah Mpakaboari, 33, was left bleeding after he was also allegedly assaulted during a search by Enfield police officers last November.
The issue has also been examined in detail by Newcastle Business School's Dr Dilek Demirbas, who contacted more than 3,000 businesses in India along with colleagues Ila Patnik and Ajah Shah, from the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy in India, which advises the government in New Delhi.
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