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Ruby Bhatia from Ajax, Ontario, is a beautiful and popular host on Star TV, India's largest satellite network.
The couple used this as a down payment on a three-bedroom house in the suburb of Ajax, Ontario. Today Kim is a voluntary goodwill ambassador for UNESCO, a position which takes her around the world.
- Janette D Scott, 43 Medley Lane, Ajax, Ontario LIS 3P5, Canada.
Samuel Shale, aged 79, travelled to Ajax, Ontario, to plant a tree in Shale Drive just before Christmas.
Additional savings will be realized, he added, by closing Fournier's Ajax, Ontario, warehouse.
Angus Telemanagement Group Inc., 8 Old Kingston Road, Ajax, Ontario LIT 2Z7.
The Ajax (after which the town of Ajax, Ontario is named) and Achilles each displaced 7,400 tons, had top speeds of 33 knots, and their main armament consisted of eight 6-inch guns in four turrets.
Tracey Schindler is a teacher who currently works at Ajax Public Library in Ajax, Ontario.
682 Monarch Ave., Unit 11 Ajax, Ontario, Canada L1S 4S2
Today, the company has locations in Mississauga and Ajax, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; Palisades Park, New Jersey; and Fort Worth, Texas.
I was unaware, until I received my newsletter from the Royal Canadian Military Institute, that survivors of the Battle of the River Plate have a tradition of visiting the town of Ajax, Ontario. The town is named for HMS Ajax, which, together with HMS Exeter (later lost in the Pacific) and HMNZS Achilles, forced the scuttling of the German pocket battleship Graf Spee in December 1939--the first allied naval victory.