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AJIAlliance of Independent Journalists (Indonesia)
AJIAliansi Jurnalis Independen (Alliance of Independent Journalists)
AJIAl Jazeera International
AJIArthrite Juvénile Idiopathique (French: Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis)
AJIAssociation des Journées de l'Intendance (French stewardship association)
AJIAmerican Jujitsu Institute
AJIAmerican Justice Institute
AJIAmicale des Jeunes Internistes (French internist association)
AJIAfdeling Juridische Informatie
AJIArea of Joint Interest
AJIAtelier Jazz Impro (French: Jazz Improvisation Workshop)
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La liofilizacion se constituye en una alternativa interesante para conservar y transformar el aji, permitiendo prolongar el tiempo de vida util, conservando las propiedades fisico-quimicas del alimento relacionadas con la calidad y disminuyendo la actividad del agua (Abdelwahed et al.
More than 10 dams in the district are on the verge of overflowing, water level in Nyari 1 and 2, and Aji 3 dams has risen to alert level," Rajkot collector Pandey said, adding that the NDRF teams have been put on a standby mode and more people living in the low-lying areas are being taken to safer places.
Aji River is one of the main rivers of Saurashtra .
It feels surreal when we think how far we have reached as students," said Aji.
The main course was chargrilled Paracas scallops, aji Amarillo, leche de tigre, lime cilantro and sous-vide North Peruvian-style lamb shank, washed down with Luis Felipe Edwards Dona Bernarda 2011.
buscadme al toueyo que anda por aqui vendiendo aji verde; por fuerza ha de parecer.
HealthUnlocks, an online social network for health, has named Aji Barot as its new business development director, it is reported today.
Aji Bashar and Murad were captured when ISIS killed all the men in their village of Kocho in Iraq.
Aji Ed of Nokia said: " We were very happy and excited to present the case for 5G to a room full of students that were knowledgeable and interested in the technology that they would need to leverage for their roles in the community of the future.
Con relacion al peso de frutos, los mayores rendimientos corresponden--en orden de importancia a los tratamientos--: AJI + NEEM; AJI + AJO; AJO + NEEM; AJI y JABONCILLO, con 47.
In "LIMA Cookbook: Peruvian Home Cooking" Chef Martinez has compiled a beautifully and profusely illustrated cornucopia of authentic Peruvian cuisine with recipes that range from Batido de Mango y Menta Freca (Mango and Fresh Mint Smoothie); Chonta Asada y Kiwicha (Broiled Hearts of Palm with Amaranth); Ceviche de Salmon aji Amarillo y Cancha (Salmon Ceviche with Yellow Aji and Cancha Corn); and Langostinos con Palta y Limon (Shrimp with Avocado and Lime); to Anticucho de Asado de Tira (Short Rib Anticuchos); Pachamanca de Gallina y Papas (Chicken and Potato Pachamancha); Cerdo con Chicha de Jora (Pork with Chicha de Jora); and Banana Carmelizada con Anis Estrella (Carmelized Banana with Star Anise).