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Thus, for example, as Paul and Ajie listen to rock tunes in their uncle's car, the narrator remarks, "This was a year before the afternoon when everything changed."
Kartosuwiryo never appeared as a politician and a nationalist in these military publications, and, whenever included, he was portrayed as either bedridden or sitting next to Colonel Ibrahim Ajie, looking sick and emaciated from fighting, starvation and illness (Dinas Sedjarah Kodam VI Siliwangi 1968; Dinas Sejarah TNI Bandung [1974] 1982; Madewa 1977).
Males more prominent Montagnais Alorese or women restricted in Salteaux Aranda religious rituals Kaska Kutenai Haida Hadatsa Omaha Aztec Creek Quiche Comanche Bribri Zuni Goajire Papago Callinago Cubeo Siriono Inca Trumai Kwoma Kurds Ajie Palauans Both participate, no Irish Iban restriction for women in Punjabi Kiman religious rituals Garo Marquesans Tanela Tuareg Truk Both, but women more Toradja prominent Tehuelche Missing Romans Siuai Kazak Pentecost Lolo Adamanese Lesu Computer Ready Data obtained from World Cultures Electronic Database.
Prisoners Ajie Mendoza, Marvin Seralbo and Jessie Pega were caught by Solana while they were attempting to bolt the jail around 2:10 a.m.
In Houailou, Naepels (1996:172), an ethnologist who specialized in the Ajie area, observed,
Ajie Kintah spent time at Chandos Primary in Vaughton Street South, Highgate, as part of a week-long Teachers in Development Education exchange.
MBUCV 12445: Estado Sucre, Charca en el margen de la carretera a boca de Ajies, vecindario Mapuey, cerca de Boca de Ajies.