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AJRAmerican Journal of Roentgenology
AJRAmerican Journalism Review
AJRApports Journaliers Recommandés (French: Recommended Daily Intake)
AJRAcademy for Jewish Religion
AJRAssociation of Jewish Refugees (UK organization)
AJRAmerican Journal of Rhinology (Oceanside Publications, Inc.)
AJRAsociación Justicia y Reconciliación (Spanish: Justice and Reconciliation Association; Guatemala)
AJRAsociación de Jóvenes Rebeldes (Spanish: Association of Young Rebels)
AJRAccelerated Junctional Rhythm
AJRAlliance des Jeunes Révolutionnaires (French: Revolutionary Youth Alliance)
AJRAustralian Jurist Reports (legal research publication)
AJRAnimation Jeunesse Rurale (French youth association)
AJRAndernos Jeux en Réseaux (French gaming network)
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has acquired Texas, US-based freight brokerage and logistics provider AJR Transportation to strengthen GlobalTanz's position in the freight brokerage market, the company said.
The AJR study serves as a follow-up to the Mayo Clinic's prospective, blinded study that was published in the AJR last year that showed MBI yields superior imaging to a mammogram and low-radiation exposure comparable to that of a mammogram, and that MBI also:
The AJR study, titled, Molecular Breast Imaging at Reduced Radiation Dose for Supplemental Screening in Mammographically Dense Breasts, determined that adding MBI to mammography enabled detection of an additional 8.
At the same time, the senators who receive massive financial contributions for their election campaigns and therefore hugely depend on the Armenian lobby, voted for AJR 32, disregarding all the solid facts presented to them, according to the statement.
But AJR 1 uses a process outlined in Article V of the Constitution.
Liability of radiologists when supervising technologists AJR 1999; 172:285-289
Drawing on AJR Information, the journal of the Association of Jewish Refugees that he edits, Grenville, the son of Jewish refugees from Vienna, traces British immigration policy, refugees' exodus, their initial reception, contributions to the war effort, and largely successful integration into British society (represented in photographs) while maintaining a distinct communal identity.
The Northbridge Planning Board voted last month to allow AJR to withdraw that town's portion of the project without prejudice.
The piece was written by a freelancer, and AJR management was stunned to discover that its libel insurance did not cover freelance writers.
Both AJR and CJR have benefited in recent years from a fundraising project led by former Philadelphia Inquirer executive editor Eugene Roberts, who has headed a group of news veterans in raising some $2.
More recently, Acemoglu, Johnson, and Robinson (2001), hereafter AJR, argue that geography and demography matter because they affect the quality of institutions: During colonialism, low-quality institutions were established in regions with high-population densities and low life expectancies.