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AICADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Institute of Canada
AICAustralian Institute of Criminology
AICArt Institute of Colorado (Denver, CO)
AICArt Institute of Chicago
AICAlice In Chains (rock band)
AICArt Institute of Charleston (Charleston, SC)
AICAmerican International College (Springfield, MA)
AICAssociazione Italiana Celiachia (Italian: Italian Celiac Association)
AICArt Institute of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH)
AICAmerican Institute for Conservation (of Historic and Artistic Works)
AICAnalog Integrations Corporation (Taiwan)
AICAnime International Company (Tokyo, Japan)
AICAppraisal Institute of Canada (real estate)
AICAkaike Information Criterion
AICAssociation of Investment Companies (UK)
AICArts in the Community (various locations)
AICAlternative Information Center
AICAgricultural Insurance Company (various locations)
AICAccident Insurance Company (various locations)
AICAllstate Insurance Company (various locations)
AICAutomotive Intelligence Center
AICAllied International Credit (Allied Global Holdings)
AICAssociation Internationale des Charités (International Society of Charities)
AICAdministration for Industry and Commerce (China)
AICAssociate In Claims (insurance)
AICAustralian Islamic College (Perth, Australia)
AICAlarm Interface Controller
AICAix Windows Interface Composer
AICAccess Information Center
AICAutomatic Image Calibration
AICAutomated Image Capture
AICAdaptec Integrated Circuit
AICAdvanced Industrial Computer
AICAnalog Interface Circuitry
AICAlarm Interconnect Controller Card
AICAir Idle Control
AICAlbum in Comments
AICAIDS Information Center (Uganda)
AICAttorney in Charge (various locations)
AICAeronautical Information Circular
AICAssociazione Italiana Calciatori (Italian Footballers' Association)
AICAccretion-Induced Collapse (astronomy)
AICAgro Industries Corporation (India)
AICAnalysts International Corporation (Indianapolis, IN)
AICAsset Investment Corporation
AICArtificial Intelligence Center
AICAssistance for Isolated Children (Australia)
AICAdvanced Imaging Conference (California)
AICAgriculture Is Changing
AICAcademic Information Centre (various locations)
AICAir Intercept Controller (US DoD)
AICAgriculture in the Classroom (est. 1981)
AICAmerican Institute of Constructors
AICAgricultural Institute of Canada
AICAssociation of Idaho Cities (Boise, ID)
AICAkaike Information Criteria (model-order selection criterion )
AICAdvanced Industrial Countries
AICAgricultural Industries Confederation
AICAcceptance Insurance Companies (Council Bluffs, IA)
AICArchitecture and Infrastructure Committee (CIO)
AICArab Investment Company (Kuwait)
AICAdvisors' Inner Circle (investing)
AICAcademic Integrity Committee (various organizations)
AICAchieving Independence Center (Philadelphia, PA)
AICAgent in Charge
AICAmerican Institute of Chemists
AICAfrican Inland Church
AICAccademia Italiana Della Cucina (Italian Gastronomic Society)
AICAuto Iris Control (photography)
AICAllstate Indemnity Company (insurance)
AICApplication Integration Component
AICArt Institute of California
AICAvaya Interaction Center
AICAssociation of International Champions ( Barbershop Harmony Society)
AICAverage Incremental Cost
AICAccess International Capital (various locations)
AICAicardi Syndrome
AICAssociation of Independent Consultants (various locations)
AICApplied Intellectual Capital (Alameda, CA)
AICAcadémie Internationale de la Céramique (French: International Academy of Ceramics; Switzerland)
AICAmerican Investors Company (California)
AICAustralian Instructional Corps (1921-1955)
AICAuckland International College (Auckland, New Zealand)
AICAir-India Limited (ICAO code)
AICAnthem Insurance Companies (various locations)
AICAmnesty International Club (various locations)
AICAerospace Integration Corporation
AICAdvanced Interactivity Consortium (open forum)
AICAnalog Interface Circuit (TI)
AICArmy Industrial College (est. 1924)
AICAdvocates for Informed Choice (Cotati, CA)
AICAmpere Interrupting Capacity
AICAttendant in Charge
AICAlarm Interface Controller (Cisco)
AICAdvanced Intra Coding
AICAlternative Incarceration Center
AICAssign Individual Compressed Dial (US DoD)
AICAquitaine Image Cinéma (French film association)
AICArizona International College
AICAustin Improv Collective (Texas)
AICAfrica Innovation Centre (South Africa)
AICAnimal Identification Coordinator
AICAutomotive Innovation Center
AICAustralian Institute for Commercialization
AICAlternative Incremental Credit
AICAutomatic Intercept Center
AICApplication Interpreted Construct
AICAtlantic Intelligence Command
AICAmps Interrupting Capacity
AICArchitect Insight Conference (Microsoft)
AICAIX/Windows Interface Composer
AICAccurate Industrial Construction, Inc. (Fullerton, CA)
AICAlarm Interface Card
AICAda Information Clearinghouse
AICAction Information Center
AICArmy Intelligence Center
AICAppreciative Inquiry Commons (Case Western Reserve University; Cleveland, OH)
AICAmerican Institute of Cooperation
AICArgo Information Center
AICAdministration des Institutions Culturelles (French: Administration of Cultural Institutions; University Institute of Professional Education)
AICAssociate Independent Counsel
AICAcademic Instructor Course
AICApplication Inspection and Control (Cisco)
AICAdvanced Industrialised Country
AICAcceptable Intake for Chronic Exposure
AICAccount Identifier Code (USPS)
AICApplication Identification Channel (Telabs)
AICAmericans for Immigration Control, Inc. (since 1983; Monterey, Virginia)
AICArchival Information Collection
AICAllowance Item Code
AICAirborne Inhabited Cargo
AICAmerican Ingredients Co.
AICActive to Inert Conversion
AICAutorizzazione Immissione in Commercio (Italian: Commercial Marketing Permission)
AICArmy Interoperability Certification (US DoD)
AICAnglican Independent Communion
AICAustralian Informatics Competition
AICArtificial Insemination Center
AICAustralian Institute of Cartographers (now called Mapping Sciences Institute, Australia)
AICAlsace Investissement Conseil (French: Alsace Investment Council; Alsace, France)
AICAnterior Iliac Crest (bone)
AICAdoption Information Center
AICAzul Inmo Caribe (Spanish; Dominican real estate agency)
AICAtlantic Intelligence Center
AICAbsolute International Concepts (France)
AICAdvanced Information Concepts, Inc (Haddon Heights, NJ)
AICAcademia Internacional de Citologia
AICAnnual Investment Charge
AICAss in Chair
AICApplication Instrumentation and Control Standard (Computer Associates)
AICAcadémie Internationale de Cytologie
AICAdvantage Interactive Corporation
AICAfrica Independent Churches
AICAntique Info Center
AICAdvanced Integrated Circuit
AICAir Information Center
AICAcceptable Intake-Chronic (environment)
AICAvionics Integration Center
AICAdaptation and Integration Center
AICAssociation des Infirmiers en Cardiologie
AICActivity Identification Code
AICAnti Ice Command
AICAssistant Inspector in Charge (US Postal Inspection Service)
AICAutomated Intelligence Correlation
AICAvailable Interrupting Current (electrical)
AICAutopilot Interface Circuit
AICAnalyst in Charge (various organizations)
AICAirman In Charge :-)
AICAgence Immobilière Céret (French real estate agency)
AICAdaptive Image Compression
AICAssignment Instruction Code
AICAccord Immobilier Conseil (French real estate council)
AICAddress Information Center
AICAmperes Interrupt Current
AICAnaesthesia Information Concept
AICActive in Communities Project (UK)
AICArmy Interoperability Center
AICArch Investment Conferences (est. 2005)
AICAsia in the Curriculum
AICAssignment Incentive Compensation
AICAudio Intercommunications System
AICAddress Inquiry Command
AICAudio Intercommunications Center
AICAircraft Information Correlation
AICAdjusted Indirect Costs
AICAwaiting Incoming Continuity
AICAuxiliary Interface Cabinet
AICAir Intake Controller
AICAuxiliary Information Code
AICArchitecture Integration Committee
AICAgency Infocenter
AICAdministration-Shelf Interface and Control (Tadiran)
AICAttack Information Center
AICAthletic Instructors Course (Canada)
AICAviation Interoperability and Commonality
AICAssociation for International Communication (Aichi University; Japan)
AICAfrican Internet Connectivity (development project)
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Model summary for the binary logistic regression analysis ranked according to the delta Akaike Information Criterion and Akaike weights Predictors LL df AICc ~ assists + def_reb + field_goal -103.
Number of augmentation terms is standardly chosen by Akaike Information Criterion (AIC), or Schwarz-Bayesian information criterion (BIC); for example of the model with two augmentation terms:
KEY WORDS: Akaike information criterion, Bayesian information criterion, chocolate clam, fishery, multimodel inference
c]) of the Akaike information criterion (AIC) (Hurvich & Tsai, 1989; Shono, 2000; Burnhan & Anderson, 2002; Katsanevakis, 2006; Katsanevakis & Maravelias, 2008).
The researchers used the Akaike information criterion (AIC) and Bayesian information criterion (BIC) for the parsimonious model selection.
hypotheses) by the Akaike Information Criterion (AIC: Akaike 1973, Burnham & Anderson 2002).
The best model has been selected by comparing the estimates of the coefficients in the ARIMA-X models to ensure that the process is stationary / invertible the standard error of regression log-likelihood Akaike information criterion (AIC) and Schwarz information criterion
Akaike information criterion and Schwarz criterion observe a small value which is best of goodness of fit.
The first step involves obtaining the order of lags on the first differenced variables in equations (1)-(3) from the unrestricted models--using the Akaike Information Criterion (AIC) and the Schwartz-Bayesian Criterion (SBC).
Akaike information criterion, proposed by Akaike, one of leading statisticians, provides guide lines for choosing the best possible model from a set of competing models.
Using the Akaike Information Criterion (AIC) in cluster analysis with linearly separable components, the paper demonstrates the superiority of using the vector of slopes as inputs to the K-Means algorithm over using the raw data in determining the number of clusters.