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He is a lecturer on Japanese religion at Leeds University and a visiting professor of Japanese studies at Akita International University in Japan.
Quinones, a professor of Korean studies in the Global Studies Program of Akita International University in Japan, said what Japan can do to help the United States in the six-nation talks is ''very, very limited.''
Yet, the success of the International University (private graduate school) and that of the Akita International University (public) look consistent with our argument, as they are known for demanding programs that significantly increase the price of education.
Stephen Turnbull is professor emeritus of Japanese studies at Akita International University.
Sakura Nakamura, an Akita International University student from Nagasaki, in western Japan, realized that when she visited local companies to raise funds.
The editors include Rochelle Brock, a Professor and Department Chair of Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro; Dara Nix-Stevenson, a teacher-scholar-activist who has taught high school biology and environmental science since 1998; and Paul Chamness Miller, a Professor of International Liberal Arts in the English for Academic Purposes program at Akita International University in Japan, and the editor of the journal Critical Inquiry in Language Studies.
In ''Cease ODA and Reexamine Policy on China,'' Mineo Nakajima, president of Akita International University, says that China is trying to make its presence felt in the twenty-first century and is feverishly pursuing a foreign policy based on its national interest and its intention to become a superpower.