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AkkAkkadian (linguistics)
AkkAlaskan Klee Kai (dog breed)
AkkAtlanta Kendo Kai (martial arts; Atlanta, GA)
AkkAmöneburg, Kastel, Kostheim (districts of Mainz, Germany)
AkkAgjencia Kadastrale e Kosovës (Cadastral Agency of Kosova)
AkkArizona Kyudo Kai (Japanese archery)
AkkAnstalt für KabelKommunikation
AkkAng Ku Kueh (Asian food)
AkkAtomkraftdonsortiet Krangede
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These articles focus upon individual seals or a group of seals related by theme and/or iconography, ranging in time from the Akkadian period to the Neo-Babylonian and in space from Cyprus to Iran.
"It is a private judicial contract that was written in Akkadian, a language used in the Middle East at that time."
However, while there are a few Akkadian terms for "lame" or "crippled", sepu is not one of them.
This light, sustainable commando-army should be based on a mix of Akkadian and Mongol organizational concepts.
The delicately balanced system is documented by clutches of surviving correspondence using Akkadian as the lingua franca.
10.Chemakum, Akkadian, Carian, Illinois, Cumbric and Hadramautic are all examples of what?
The Great Epic of Gilgamesh, some 1,500 years older than the poetry of Homer, is a collection of Sumerian legends immortalized in Akkadian cuneiform script on 12 clay tablets.
For example, 4,200 years ago, people of the Akkadian civilization in the Fertile Crescent were abruptly driven from their homes by drought and famine that would last some 300 years.
Now he's been resurrected once more for a prequel titled Rise Of The Akkadian and filmed in South Africa.