AKRAAmerican Kart Racing Association
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The court, headed by Judge Roukoz Rizk and comprising judges Albert Kouyoumjian and Nawal Saliba, fined Akra LL10 million according to clauses 3, 22, 26, 383 and 385 of the Publication Law.
Akra said secularism is capable of resolving the problems of multiculturalism and "consensual democracy does not harm the core of citizenship.
The themes of the regional exhibitions were quite different this time from Mehergarh to Quetta, Harappa to Lahore via Katas, Akra to Peshawar via Takht Bai, Mohenjo-Daro to Karachi via Makli, and from Takhtbai to Islamabad.
5 MGD each from the Shadikot dam and the already connected Akra dam.
Director General of the Gwadar Development Authority Dr Sajjad Hussain Baloch told reporter on Sunday that with one sufficient rainfall, three dams namely Akra Kaur, Sawad and Shadi Kaur, can provide up to 10 million gallons per day (MGD) of water to Gwadar for next five years.
Khaled Akra, another local fisherman, was seen returning to the port with trash weighing down his small vessel.
Applications could be submitted in the following BoP branches: GC University Branch and Madina Town Branch in Faisalabad, Gulgasht Colony Branch and Model Town Branch in Multan, Gule Akra Plaza Branch and U.
Tenders are invited for Construction of pcc road at rajani s house to kuatal akra para at aharrah under sirkabad gp within arsha p.
The novice team with Arooj Nuha Akra, Saumya Murgai and Sneha Chandani ended in 18th position in the 56-team competition.
Les activites de la compagnie cibleront, initialement, les pays de l'Afrique du Nord et quatre pays europeens (France, Allemagne, Espagne et Malte) avant de les etendre, a partir de janvier 2017, vers l'Afrique Centrale et l'Afrique de l'Ouest (Douala, Akra, Abidjan et Conakry), a-t-il ajoute soulignant toutefois, qu'un probleme se pose au niveau de la maintenance des avions, vu l'inexistence d'un centre de maintenance certifie en Tunisie.
The company's activities will target initially countries of North Africa and four European countries (France, Germany, Spain and Malta) before extending them, as of January 2017 to Central Africa and West Africa (Douala, Akra, Abidjan and Conakry), he added underlining however, that a problem arises in terms of aircraft maintenance, given the lack of a certified maintenance center in Tunisia.
Samir Akra, general manager of Emirates Building Systems, said: "Over the years, Emirates Building Systems has set an unparalleled track record across the wider Gulf and the rampant construction - be it the infrastructure projects such as the public transport system in Saudi Arabia or the oil and gas sector in Oman and Kuwait - is leading to pent-up demand for steel structures.