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AktGAktiengesetz (German law on stock corporations)
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In Germany, derivative actions are provided for in the Aktiengesetz, sec.
28] La abreviatura AktG corresponde a la expresion Aktiengesetz, que en castellano equivale a decir Ley Alemana de Sociedades Anonimas (de 1965).
100) Aktiengesetz [AktG] [Stock Corporation Act], 30 January 1937, RGBl I S 107, art 70 s 1.
This economically useful hybrid role initially generated some legal issues in Germany (the challenge was to make the SEDA work under the rigid German Aktiengesetz, the German Stock law), which had to be overcome when using the SEDA for the first time in this country.
2003), with Aktiengesetz [section] 89 (Hannes Schneider & Martin Heidenhaii eds.
and Germany requires 50,000 [European Dollar], see [sections] 7 Aktiengesetz v.
Compare Aktiengesellschaft [sections] 110, in HANNES SCHNEIDER & MARTIN HEIDENHAIN, THE GERMAN STOCK CORPORATION ACT 115 (2000) (four) with Uwe Huffer, Aktiengesetz [sections] 110, at 440 (1995) (two).
El actual articulo 186 de la Aktiengesetz (AktG) de 1965, reformada por la Ley del 13 de diciembre de 1978, concede automaticamente a los accionistas el derecho a suscribir las nuevas acciones que emita la sociedad en proporcion a su participacion en el capital de la misma.
Concerning German law, see Aktiengesetz (AktG) [Stock Corporation Act], Sept.
4-5, in 9/2 MUNCHENER KOMMENTAR ZUM AKTIENGESETZ [MUNICH COMMENTARY ON THE COMPANIES ACT], (Bruno Kropff, Johannes Semler, Wulf Goette, & Mathias Habersack eds.
Germany was the first country to have a separate legal regime, here in the form of the Aktiengesetz, as a way of regulating groups of companies.
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