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There was no Al-Qaeda in Iraq before the US and British invasion.
The Official Gazette announced that the Cabinet had decided to update its decree concerning a United Nation Security Council (UNSC) resolution on freezing assets owned by individuals, organizations and institutions affiliated with terrorist organizations in its meeting on Monday, and excluded al-Nusra from the chapter of individuals, organizations and institutions affiliated with al-Qaeda in Iraq.
Al-Qaeda did not explicitly claim responsibility for those attacks in Friday's statement, but the chaos is widely believed to be the work of al-Qaeda in Iraq. A little over a year ago, U.S.
In truth, the WikiLeaks Iraq war files tell us little that we did not already know about al-Qaeda in Iraq. But they do serve to underline the great irony of the US war in Iraq; that the invasion, billed as part of the so-called "war on terror", did more to inspire al-Qaeda activity in Iraq than it did to undermine it.
US General Raymond Odierno said the deaths were "potentially the most significant blow to al-Qaeda in Iraq since the start of the insurgency".
This body includes Abu-Farouq who now leads a part of al-Qaeda in Iraq, a Tunisian having recently succeeded Muhammad Mamo who was killed.
military said four "suspected insurgents" have been killed and 32 detained in operations targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq.
"Today, al-Qaeda in Iraq possesses limited options, and is trying to buy time.
The White House used this finding to argue in Wednesday press conferences that the al-Qaeda in Iraq and the al-Qaeda in Pakistan are indistinguishable.
According to counter-terrorism officials, al-Qaeda in Iraq is aspiring to act as a regional base, sending militants to wage attacks abroad - including against tourist resorts, for example, in India.
The US military estimates there are 5,000 "fully-fledged members" of al-Qaeda in Iraq, 5% of whom are non-Iraqi, out of 20,000 or more insurgents.
It's also worth questioning whether the forces that call themselves Al-Qaeda in Iraq have any real ties to whatever remains of Osama bin Laden's weakened, Pakistan-based leadership.