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UJRCAl-Urdun Al-Jadid Research Center (Jordan)
UJRCUeda Japan Radio Co., Ltd.
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It requires experience to deal with elections, communicate with the public and publish newspapers," commented Hani Hourani, director and founder of al-Urdun al-Jadid Research Center. Excluding IAF, Hourani criticized all political parties which abide by ideologies that are outdated and quote slogans that are equally inapplicable nowadays.
After 1993, the al-Urdun al-Jadid Research Center began publishing a series of studies of parties, elections, civil society and democracy in Jordan, including Hani Hourani, Talib Awad, Hamad al-Dabbas, and Amr Shanikat, eds., al-Ahzab al-Siyasiyya al-Urduniyya [The Jordanian Political Parties] (Amman: Markaz al-Urdun al-Jadid li al-Dirasat, 1993).
(17.) Awni Obaidi, as quoted in Hani Hourani, Taleb Awad, Hamed Dabbas, and Sa'eda Kilani, Islamic Action Front Party (Amman: Al-Urdun Al-Jadid Research Center, 1993), 9.