AlGaAsAluminum Gallium Arsenide
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Kelly, "Oscillations in the optical response of (001)GaAs and AlGaAs surfaces during crystal growth by molecular beam epitaxy," Applied Physics Letters, vol.
For AlGaAs NW growth runs, the substrate temperature was set at 510[degrees]C, the equivalent AlGaAs growth rate was fixed at 0.3 nm/s, and the total V/III flux ratio was 3.
Figure 2 presents the spectra of Raman backscattering geometry for the samples to be analyzed, which are arranged for the convenience in the subgroups: Figure 2(a): spectrum of homoepitaxial structures, Figure 2(b): spectra of heterostructures based on ternary AlGaAs and four-component AlGaAsSi solid solutions, and Figure 2(c): spectra of heterostructures based on five-component AlGaAsPSi solid solutions.
The structure is then completed with 120 nm undoped [Al.sub.0.9][Ga.sub.0.1]As and a 10-nm-wide GaAs capping layer in order to avoid surface oxidation of the AlGaAs.
(23) They embarked on their research in 1975 and in 1977 succeeded in demonstrating continuous visible light oscillation from aluminum gallium arsenide (AlGaAs) grown by MOCVD at room temperature.
The material are used: Bi-Sb, Si (type p)-Al, Si (type n)-Au, Si (type p)-Au, GaAs and AlGaAs.the sensors are used to contactless measurement of surface temperature.
The OE package may contain substrates as diverse as silicon, gallium aluminum arsenide (AlGaAs), indium phosphide (InP), polymer and silicon germanium (SiGe) in various combinations in one package.
AlGaAs LED technology was specifically excluded as its light output degradation curve was unacceptable.
Although there is a great deal of ongoing research work in more exotic transistor technologies - such as InGaAs on InP HEMT, low-temperature AlGaAs on InGaAs tunneling electron devices and even silicon-on-saphire - currently the most practical semiconductor technologies for microwave applications are silicon bipolar and GaAs-based FET.