AlInGaPAluminum Indium Gallium Phosphide
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Ilkan Cokgor, commented, "By combining Intematix' high-quality phosphor technology with reliable and stable blue InGaN LED chips, we have been able to overcome key challenges that have plagued designers who use traditional AlInGaP amber devices.
Based on AlinGaP technology, both the super-red TDCR1050/1060 and super-yellow TDCY1050/1060 are available in common anode and common cathode versions.
LUXEON Rebel power LEDS are immediately available in neutral-white and cool-white colour temperatures in addition to standard InGaN and AlInGaP colors and provide the most complete colour palette for lighting designers and specifiers.
Incorporating the latest in InGaN and AlInGaP technologies, CML LEDs are energy efficient and have a typical life of over 100K hours.
Furthermore, Quanlight's simplified manufacturing process employs direct growth on a transparent gallium phosphide (GaP) substrate, eliminating the traditional AlInGaP LED step of removing the epilayer from an opaque substrate and bonding it onto a new transparent substrate.
Available in assortment of colors, including the high brightness InGaN and AlInGaP dies
After the ITC ruled that Epistar's current AlInGaP LEDs infringe Philips Lumileds' patent rights and issued an exclusion order banning importation of those LEDs, Epistar filed motions before both the ITC and the U.
During the ITC investigation, Epistar was required to disclose all of its currently available AlInGaP LED products and its "next generation" products and these were all found to infringe the '718 patent.
Warm-white, neutral-white and cool-white color temperatures in addition to standard InGaN and AlInGaP colors provide the most complete color palette for lighting designers and specifiers.
Lead-Free RoHS SuperFlux LED Color Part Number HPWA-MH02 As AlInGaP Red Orange HPWA-DH02 HPWT-RD02 HPWT-MD02 TS AlInGaP Red HPWT-DD02 HPWT-BD02 HPWT-RH02 HPWT-MH02 TS AlInGaP Red-Orange HPWT-DH02 HPWT-BH02 HPWT-RL02 HPWT-ML02 TS AlInGaP Amber HPWT-DL02 HPWT-BL02
The company's AlInGaP SnapLED and AlInGaP SuperFlux LEDs also meet the directives now being implemented.
AlInGaP(1) Red 1125-7150 mcd @ 50 mA AlInGaP Red-Orange 1125-11250 mcd @ 50 mA AlInGaP Orange 2240-7150 mcd @ 50 mA AlInGaP Amber 1400-7150 mcd @ 50 mA InGaN(2) Green 1400-4500 mcd @ 30 mA InGaN Blue 285-900 mcd @ 30 mA