AlSolAlternativa Solidaria Chiapas A.C. (Mexico microfinance)
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The Second Circuit, in refusing to label Alsol and Powell as aggravated felons merely because the state could have prosecuted them as recidivists, correctly concluded that the ruling body must base an alien's status as an aggravated felon on an actual conviction.
at 208-10 (considering issue of removability for Alsol and Powell).
(8.) 548 F.3d at 209-10 (reviewing Alsol and Powell's New York criminal drug possession convictions); see also New York Penal Law [section] 220.03 (McKinney 2008) (setting forth elements of criminal possession of controlled substance).
(9.) 548 F.3d at 208, 210 (indicating Alsol and Powell prosecuted only as criminal possession offenders and not recidivists).
(13.) 548 F.3d at 209 (stating BIA designated Alsol aggravated felon subject to deportation).
at 209-10 (stating Alsol and Powell appealed to Second Circuit for review).
In many ways, AlSol is a conventional micro credit program.
AlSol does not establish restrictions on loan use when giving loans out and leaves the decision to be made by individuals.
In general, AlSol's funds are used to finance already existing business activities undertaken by program participants; in fewer cases, new businesses are developed.
AlSol's simple fixed interest rates that vary by rural and urban are typical of other micro credit programs.
AlSol follows the same group organizational principals as in the Grameen Bank, which emphasizes group formation and peer monitoring as fundamental ways to reduce risk associated with borrowers that have little or no collateral.
In particular, direct observation of AlSol's clientele shows that successful small entrepreneurs can educate initially poor performing members of the group by sharing their managerial skills and habits.