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The Alabama Department of Revenue is partnering with identity solution company MorphoTrust to let citizens file taxes digitally.
Joe Garrett, deputy commissioner of the Alabama Department of Revenue, and Frank O'Connell, general counsel and director of legal affairs and tax policy of the Georgia Department of Revenue, participated in a roundtable discussion.
(20) Alabama Department of Revenue, Alabama Income Tax Filing Status for Same-sex Couples (Dec.
Some manufacturers have dodged this by changing the names of their brands every year, says Wade Hope, an attorney with the Alabama Department of Revenue. The National Association of Attorneys General estimates that states lost $450 million from the $5.2 billion payment for April 2003.
Alabama uses consensus revenue forecasts agreed upon by the Executive Budget Office, the Center for Business and Economic Research at the University of Alabama, the Alabama Legislative Fiscal Office, the Alabama Department of Revenue, the Center for Government and Public Affairs at Auburn University at Montgomery, and national and regional private economists (Alabama Executive Budget Office, 2001).
They decided not to go back to the legislature and ask for additional laws to address these issues, but rather work with the Alabama Department of Revenue to craft regulations to clarify which taxes applied to camps and how those taxes would be calculated and collected.
97-002,(3) the Alabama Department of Revenue (DOR) announced that it will not follow the Service's disregarded entity classification of SMLLCs; instead, any SMLLC classified as a disregarded entity under the FCBRs will be classified as a partnership.
In September 2015, the Alabama Department of Revenue announced a regulation (7) requiring remote sellers with significant sales in Alabama to collect and remit sales and use tax.
For example, in Revenue Procedure 97-002, the Alabama Department of Revenue announced that it will not follow the Federal regulations' disregarded entity classification for single-member LLCs.
On January 1 7, 2014, Tax Executives Institute submitted a letter in support of legislation in Alabama (SB 74) that would establish a pre-payment, independent tribunal to hear appeals of tax assessments and other matters administered by the Alabama Department of Revenue, as well as certain taxes levied by or on behalf of counties and municipalities.
The Alabama Department of Revenue recently issued regulations providing that entities leasing, renting, licensing or otherwise disposing of tangible personal property, or engaged in transactions involving intangibles (e.g., franchises, patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, etc., or any other type of property), are removed from the protection of P.L.
After auditing KC's tax return, the Alabama Department of Revenue ("the Department") recharacterized the gain as nonbusiness income from the sale of real property, which under Alabama law is to be allocated in full to Alabama, the State in which the real property is located.
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