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ALANArtificial Light at Night
ALANAssembly on Literature for Adolescents (Special-Interest Group of the National Council of Teachers of English)
ALANAmerican Logistics Aid Network (emergency response)
ALANAcoustic Local Area Network
ALANAnimal Legislative Action Network (political action committee)
ALANAlanian [Old Ossetic] (linguistics)
ALANAircraft Landing Authorization Number (DOT)
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"Yes, it is my turn to dictate terms, Alan. You know what they are.
"Ah, Alan," murmured Dorian with a sigh, "I wish you had a thousandth part of the pity for me that I have for you." He turned away as he spoke and stood looking out at the garden.
"How long will your experiment take, Alan?" he said in a calm indifferent voice.
"You have saved me from ruin, Alan. I cannot forget that," said Dorian simply.
Beebe sat back complacently, and Miss Alan began as follows: "It was a novel--and I am afraid, from what I can gather, not a very nice novel.
Miss Alan was always thus being charitable against her better judgment.
Beebe smiled as Miss Alan plunged into an anecdote which he knew she would be unable to finish in the presence of a gentleman.
After dinner Miss Lavish actually came up and said: 'Miss Alan, I am going into the smoking-room to talk to those two nice men.
"I consider that you are bound to class him as nice, Miss Alan, after that business of the violets."
"Too late to go out," said Miss Alan in a voice of relief.
Miss Lavish, who represented intellect, was avowedly hostile, and now the Miss Alans, who stood for good breeding, were following her.