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ALANAssembly on Literature for Adolescents (Special-Interest Group of the National Council of Teachers of English)
ALANAmerican Logistics Aid Network (emergency response)
ALANAnimal Legislative Action Network (political action committee)
ALANAcoustic Local Area Network
AlanAlanian [Old Ossetic] (linguistics)
ALANAircraft Landing Authorization Number (DOT)
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Before they parted, Alan made a proposal that was startling in the extreme.
One witness "declared also That the said Alan Breck threatened that he would challenge Ballieveolan and his sons to fight because of his removing the declarant last year from Glenduror.
Following this is a paragraph stating that "John Stewart 1st of Ardsheall of his descendants Alan Breck had better be omitted.
This is no furniture for the scholar's library, but a book for the winter evening school-room when the tasks are over and the hour for bed draws near; and honest Alan, who was a grim old fire-eater in his day has in this new avatar no more desperate purpose than to steal some young gentleman's attention from his Ovid, carry him awhile into the Highlands and the last century, and pack him to bed with some engaging images to mingle with his dreams.
With the holidays around the corner, Alan is offering his holiday collection to residents of Orange County.
As they set off, Alan posed for a picture in which he was proudly sporting the shirt of his footballing heroes.
Alan, who went to Alsop High School, in Walton, had connections to security companies Churchill Security Ltd and Showsec International Ltd, the company responsible for security at the Download festival.
But Alan, who was born with height and growth problems, had not yet been able to furnish or decorate the house, in Low Fell, and was struggling to feel at home.
Alan, 67, told Katie Cutler: "Words are not enough to say how I feel.
Standing at just 4ft 6in and weighing less than six stone, Alan was an easy target for his assailant, who knocked him over and then searched him for money.
They were extra precious because Alan and Louise had gone through IVF to build their family, but despite having the family they'd craved, things weren't perfect.
Mae'n perthyn i'r un teulu a'r alan mawr, yr alan gawr a'r alan bach.