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In the event of an alarm, both the related LED blinks and the related alarm code is displayed on the LCD screen.
Rachel Masters, prosecuting, said Stockton confessed her role to the store manager, saying she texted Carney the alarm codes but "didn't think he would do anything with them".
Tim Gittens, prosecuting, explained: "He had regularly stayed at [Tegan's house], had been welcomed into the home, was trusted with the alarm code."
While residential use of smoke alarms is mandated by virtually all states and localities according to the recommendations set forth by Article 72 of the National Fire Alarm Code (National Fire Protection Agency, 2002), these devices do not detect CO or alert occupants to its presence.
The alarms should be monitored by an outside service and testing and maintenance should adhere to NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm Code. Even when a sprinkler system controls or extinguishes the fire, water can continue to flow undiscovered for days without an alarm to summon the fire department.
"I assume they had access to the key and alarm code too."
Donna tries to save him by doing a spot of scheming of her own, suggesting Eli rob a local warehouse but giving him a false alarm code. Marlon stops his brother in the nick of time, but Eli is so furious that he kidnaps Marlon and takes him to a multi-storey car park where they proceed to fight - and almost fall off.
I silently reviewed what I knew about the family and patient, a mechanic who had begun to forget familiar things, like the alarm code at the car lot.
The STROBETool helps calculate performance-based strobe coverages according to NFPA National Fire Alarm Code 1001, Chapter 7.
The wording for the alarm code was tacked onto a broad building safety bill that ranged from general construction issues, such as those related to hurricanes, to the makeup of the FBC.
For some reason, it seems to put the universal YEAH, SURE alarm to sleep, like punching in the alarm code when you enter your home.
Rose took Bramlett's place on the security company's roster and received an alarm code, while Bramlett's was deactivated.