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APFDAndhra Pradesh Forest Department (Hyderabad, India)
APFDA Passion for Diamonds (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
APFDAlaska Permanent Fund Dividend
APFDAggregate Power Flux Density
APFDAccumulated Provision for Depreciation (finance)
APFDAverage Percentage Faults Detected
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(125.) GUNNAR KNAPP ET AL., THE ALASKA PERMANENT FUND DIVIDEND PROGRAM: ECONOMIC EFFECTS AND PUBLIC ATTITUDES 95, 101-02 (1984), http://www.iser.uaa.alaska.edu/Publications/1984_09-AlaskaPermanentFundDividendProgram.pdf.
"The Improbable but True Story of How the Alaska Permanent Fund and the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Came to Be," in Alaska's Permanent Fund Dividend: Examining its Suitability as a Model, edited by K.
We use the 27 months before the distribution of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend as a pretreatment period (i.e., birth between January 1978 and March 1980).
The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend application form provides a few key demographic variables.
For the recent population study of Alaskan youth age 17-18 in 2000, 86.1 percent were still residents of Alaska in 2002 based upon Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend application.
"The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend: A Case Study in Implementation of a Basic Income Guarantee," presented at the 13th Basic Income Earth Network Congress this year at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and authored by Scott Goldsmith, economics professor, University of Alaska Anchorage Institute of Social and Economic Research, included information about how and when Alaskans spend the PFD.
Even Alaska's Permanent Fund fills this diversifying function since virtually all of its investments are outside of Alaska, but it returns the earnings to its shareholders in Alaska through the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend which largely gets spent in Alaska.
Another way that Alaska financial institutions support the community is through the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Corp.
They're going over advertising budgets one more time, fine-tuning their fall campaigns to coincide with the annual payment of Alaska Permanent Fund dividend checks, and working hard to deliver on their service commitments to increase opportunities for repeat business.
The Legislature in April passed an operating budget that spends about $10 billion--including $1.8 billion in federal funds and nearly $2 billion for Alaska Permanent Fund dividends and inflation-proofing the fund.
The labor department's annual compilation of resident hire data for employers isn't perfect, however, because it is based on people on record as receiving Alaska Permanent Fund dividends. The thinking behind this is that virtually every qualified Alaskan, and there are strict residency requirements, applies for a dividend.
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