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ALCANAlaska-Canada (highway)
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The most easterly and popular route for light aircraft flying to Alaska is the Alaska-Canada (Alcan) highway.
It also backs extensions to Livengood, the Yukon River, and Greely Air Force Base in Delta, as well as an Alaska-Canada rail link.
Most are familiar with the heroic efforts undertaken to build the Alaska-Canada Highway at the beginning of World War II.
The Alaska-Canada Boundary Surveys between 1893 and 1920 produced an invaluable source of glacier photographs, as did the National Geographic Society Expeditions that began in the 1880s.
Opaine boiled her own bathwater in a cabin on the Alaska-Canada border and endured nearly full days of darkness each winter.
Just over a century ago, the arrival of gold miners bearing shovels and mini ing claims stunned peaceful native residents along the Yukon River near the Alaska-Canada border.
Often compared in its engineering difficulty to building the Panama Canal, construction of the Alaska-Canada (Alcan) Highway--covering 1,523 miles--was completed in just over eight months in 1942, in large part by four black regiments of the Corps of Engineers.
The length of the Alaska-Canada border alone is 1,538 miles.
By road: If you've ever dreamed of driving the Alaska-Canada Highway, or ALCAN, get ready for the trip of a lifetime.
Perhaps not surprisingly, given Rattie's comment about majors fleeing lower-48 fields, David Welch, president, BP Alaska-Canada Gas, gave a more downbeat analysis of lower-48 potential.
Its lands extend from the Alaska Range in the south, to the Brooks Range in the north, to the Alaska-Canada border in the east, and almost to Norton Sound in the west.
By road: One of the most memorable ways to get to Alaska is by way of the Alaska-Canada Highway, a two- to four-lane road that winds and rolls to Alaska through Canada.
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