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Therefore, if there is no significant interference from foreign powers, like in Iraq or Afghanistan, there is good reason to believe that the new Libya will be one of the better places to do business for the international oil and gas industry, perhaps even better than the North Sea and the Alaskan North Slope, or even the Gulf of Mexico.
Ice-based roads, bridges, drilling pads, and airstrips have become the standard for drilling in the Alaskan North Slope. It leaves virtually no marks indicating it was on the tundra; ice structures simply melt in the spring." How much of Alaska would be affected by this drilling?
Wyden is calling for a ban on exports of Alaskan North Slope crude oil.
In an August 1995 memo to a prospective client, Boggs, a golfing pal of Bill Clinton, boasts of "having led the private-sector effort to get exports of Alaskan North Slope oil approved by the 104th Congress and signed by President Clinton." Boggs's typical price tag is a robust $550 per hour--or $22,000 for a forty-hour week.
It is a 20-year-old, 120,000-ton tanker built and registered in the United States, owned and operated by Arco to transport Alaskan North Slope oil to the West Coast of the United States.
flag merchant marine, but also as justification for the ban on exports of Alaskan North Slope crude.
"When you ask him when will the final investment decision be made to build an Alaskan North Slope gas project, his answer has always been 'two years after Alaska gets its act together.' And that's probably still true."
Since Alaska's Valdez oil terminal has capacity to store more than 9 million barrels of oil, short outages should have little impact on oil markets or a US West Coast refining market that relies heavily on Alaskan North Slope crude.
TransCanada and Denali, a joint venture between BP and ConocoPhillips, are competing to develop a natural gas pipeline from the Alaskan North Slope to the Lower 48 states.
The Denali Alaska Gas Pipeline is a joint venture formed by ConocoPhillips and BP in June 2008 to construct a 2,000-mile long pipeline from the Alaskan North Slope to Alberta, Canada, and if required, a 1,500-mile long pipeline from Alberta to Chicago.
Key words: Synthetic Aperture Radar, Alaskan North Slope, lake ice, lake depth, water availability.
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