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ALATAAs Low as Technically Achievable
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Fifteen miles farther, in the land of Alata, it rushes precipitately from the top of a high rock, and forms one of the most beautiful water-falls in the world: I passed under it without being wet; and resting myself there, for the sake of the coolness, was charmed with a thousand delightful rainbows, which the sunbeams painted on the water in all their shining and lively colours.
alata (Reynaud, 1830) in Bonaire, the Netherlands).
The Cassia alata extract was orally administered by single dosage of 200 mg per body weight daily for 4 weeks.
Samples of adult individuals of Dalechampia alata Klotzsch ex Baill.
alata e P cincinnata apresentaram medias de sobrevivencia de 100, 97,8, 95,7 e 92,7%, respectivamente, considerando-se os tres periodos avaliados.
The embryo extract (T2) of Pasiflora alata Curtis seeds contains compounds that can negatively influence the lettuce seedling development.
alata trematodes in final hosts has been shown (2), but limited data on potential paratenic hosts are available.
alata has scarcely been investigated and the objective of this study was to elucidate the biocidal activity of C.
These data are consistent with the hypothesis that Sarracenia alata avoids pollinator-prey conflict through differences in phenological activity patterns of its flowers and pitchers.