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ALYAlbany (Amtrak station code; Albany, NY)
ALYAlways Love You
ALYAlways Look Younger (beauty)
ALYAlexandria, Egypt - Alexandria (Airport Code)
ALYAnimal Liberation Youth (Australia)
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Their arrival at Albany was undistinguished by any remarkable event, though Julia looked in vain through the darkness of the night, in quest of the fertile meadows and desert islands which Anna had mentioned in her letter.
The following morning Miss Emmerson and her niece, attended by Charles, took a walk to examine the beauties of Albany. It did not strike our heroine as being so picturesque as it had her friend; still it had novelty, and that lent it many charms it might have wanted on a more intimate acquaintance.
The Limited whirled the "Constance" into Buffalo and the arms of the New York Central and Hudson River (illustrious magnates with white whiskers and gold charms on their watch-chains boarded her here to talk a little business to Cheyne), who slid her gracefully into Albany, where the Boston and Albany completed the run from tide-water to tide-water - total time, eighty-seven hours and thirty-five minutes, or three days, fifteen hours and one half.
She then shut the bedroom door, and all the other doors, and going down stairs and emerging from the Albany into the busy streets, took omnibus for Saint Mary Axe: pressing on the road all the gaily-dressed ladies whom she could see from the window, and making them unconscious lay-figures for dolls, while she mentally cut them out and basted them.
There Herman remained until 1835, when he attended the Albany Classical School for some months.
While so engaged at Greenbush, now East Albany, N.Y., he received the munificent salary of 'six dollars a quarter and board.' He taught for one term at Pittsfield, Mass., 'boarding around' with the families of his pupils, in true American fashion, and easily suppressing, on one memorable occasion, the efforts of his larger scholars to inaugurate a rebellion by physical force.
We had reached the Albany, and halted with one accord at the Piccadilly portico, red cigar to red cigar.
Doubtless by this time he was safe and snug in the Albany: what did my fate matter to him?
That afternoon they almost ran over a man shot through the body and partly decomposed, lying near the middle of the road, just outside Albany. He must have been lying there for some days....
Beyond Albany they came upon a motor car with a tyre burst and a young woman sitting absolutely passive beside the driver's seat.
The forlorn hope which had brought me to the Albany was turned as by magic into an almost staggering sense of safety.
Once he threw up the window, which he had shut some time since, and stood for some moments leaning out into the fog which filled the Albany courtyard.
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