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ALBERTAgent-Oriented Language for Building and Eliciting Requirements for Real-Time Systems
ALBERTAcoustic and Laryngeal Biofeedback Enhancement Real Time (vocal development)
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Sharon is very supportive in pushing for the project,' said Albert.
Because it's a bootleg, I can only sell it to a collector, not to a dealer," said Albert.
Albert Mensah LLC: Albert Mensah, CSP, is a top international speaker and author who has served many companies including Boeing, Cisco, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, and John Deere.
Albert said he will "pass on the torch" to his heir on 21 July, Belgium's national day.
Albert presented science as a method for discovering reliable knowledge and not merely as a collection of facts, concepts, and ideas about nature.
In addition, Albert assisted with the assessment of new members, drew up and published guidance papers on engineering design education, as well as serving for nine years as IED Treasurer from 1990 to 1999.
The religious divide in Northern Ireland was as strong as ever yet Albert, born into a staunchly Protestant family, thought nothing of chatting with Catholics in the street.
Albert became a building inspector with Newcastle City Council in 1958 and assisted his boss, Fred Didsbury, with the setting out of the fair.
From there you can look right down and see all the people, but somebody, perhaps who might be in a well known band, has written, 'Up The IRA', on the dome of the Albert Hall.
Albert served time in prison after the war because his last name was enough for investigators to refuse to accept his story as true.
During the five decades following the publication of van Steenberghen's remark in his Aristotle in the West, scholarship has confirmed the importance of Albert in the Christian appropriation of Aristotle's naturalistic worldview.
Albert Buswell (then junior) top row 7th from right; Albert Buswell sen.