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AEUBAlberta Energy and Utilities Board
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For example, joint review panels made up of members of the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board and representatives of the federal government have reviewed many of the large oil sands projects proposed in the province.
Each year the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board processes more than 20,000 applications for new wells, pipelines and gas plants.
These activities include engineering design, route selection, environmental studies and other preparations for the filing of a regulatory application with the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board by the end of 2005.
No discussion of oil and gas law in the province of Alberta would be complete without mention of the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board. This quasi-judicial agency created by the province has a broad conservation mandate to ensure the safe, responsible, and efficient discovery and development of the province's energy resources.
Sweet Gas Well Pursuant to Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (AEUB) Guide 56 Regulations, -- Energy Company hereby gives notice of the construction, drilling and completion and possible testing (flaring) of the above mentioned well site and access road on the attached survey plan."
ConocoPhillips Canada has received regulatory approval from the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board for its Surmont oil sands project, located 37.2 miles south of Fort McMurray in Northern Alberta.
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