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AEGSAlberta Ethane Gathering System (Canada)
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Assets have access to some of the most prolific shale oil & gas basins and the Joffre assets are near Canadian oil sands operations and integrated into the Alberta Ethane Gathering System. Fitch expects North American ethylene production to remain cost advantaged.
It originates from a large-scale gas plant in Tioga, ND, extending northwest through Saskatchewan and terminating near Empress, Alberta where it connects to the Alberta Ethane Gathering System pipeline.
Veresen is engaged in three principal businesses: a pipeline transportation business comprised of interests in three pipeline systems, the Alliance pipeline, the Ruby Pipeline and the Alberta Ethane Gathering System; a midstream business which includes ownership interests in a world- class natural gas liquids extraction facility near Chicago, the Hythe/Steeprock complex, and other natural gas and NGL processing energy infrastructure; and a power business with a portfolio of assets in Canada and the United States.
The company owns 50% in Alliance Pipeline, 42.7% in Aux Sable Liquid Products, 100% in Alberta Ethane Gathering System as well as interests in some electricity generating capacities.
Alberta Ethane Gathering System is a 1,324 kilometre
NOVA Chemicals also noted that this transaction is not related to ongoing preparations for the sale of its interest in the Alberta Ethane Gathering System (AEGS), which delivers ethane to Joffre for use as a feedstock in ethylene production.
The $240 million project will carry liquid ethane from Hess Corporation's natural gas processing plant near Tioga, ND through Saskatchewan to interconnect with the Alberta ethane gathering system near Empress, AB.
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