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(10) Michael Kirby, 'Law Reform--Past, Present and Future', Address to the Alberta Law Reform Institute. Monday 2 June 2008.
The Alberta Law Reform Institute produced a comprehensive look at this area of the law in its 2003 report entitled Limitations Act, Adverse Possession and Lasting Improvements, Final Report No 89.
In May 2003, the Alberta government introduced Bill 45, the Family Law Act, incorporating recommendations from the Alberta Law Reform Institute, government agencies, and public consultations to initiate sweeping changes to Alberta's family law and family law procedure.
The Alberta Law Reform Institute has since identified some 70 different Alberta legislative provisions that may offend Section 15(1).
We are joined by research partners which include the University of Alberta (with Academics from a number of faculties), the Public Legal Education Association of Canada and member agencies, the Canadian Judicial Council, the Canadian Association of Provincial Court Judges, the Canadian Bar Association National, the Association of Canadian Court Administrators, the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice, Justice Canada, the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, the Alberta Law Reform Institute, the Legal Aid Society of Alberta, and the Yellowhead Tribal Community Corrections Society.
The Alberta Law Reform Institute invites Albertans to provide feedback on the Alberta Rules of Court and the operation of the Court of Queen's Bench and the Court of Appeal.
According to a survey of victims of domestic abuse conducted by the Alberta Law Reform Institute and published in a Report for Discussion, often the legal system did not respond effectively.
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